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Shield Technology

One of the main concerns of most woodturners and carpenters alike who work from their own workshops is the control of preventing rust, which can prove very expensive in both time and the replacing of tools and accessories and living in the UK where one minute it’s raining then it’s snowing and then finally the sun appears. Unless you can afford expensive machines which help to control the humidity or keeping the heating on even while you are away from the workshop. You are left with trying to oil and crease up the woodworking/turning tools and accessories, which again can begin to cost a lot and the mess and time it takes to then clean the tools before they can be used.

A proven solution to this is from Shield Technology who have produced some really outstanding iron and metal treatment and care solution products. The Shield Technology solutions come mainly in concentration form, which is then simply mixed with water from the tap. The solution when mixed is non viscous and being predominately water once mixed it makes the water become Non-Corrosive.

Just to name one of the many Shield Technology solutions that we have listed on our website is the HoneRite Gold, like all the products the HoneRite Gold makes water non-corrosive and can be used with all brands of powered wet stone grinding machines such as the Tormek – T 7 water cooled grinding machine (see our Sharpening category section) The HoneRite Gold can also be used on the Japanese water stones and diamond whetstone.

Apart from aiding in the sharpening process the mixed solution will also help to protect the sharpened tools and the grinding machines from corrosion.

Just 250ml of the concentrate makes 6 litres of corrosion inhibiting fluid.

Material Safety Data Sheets are available for the Shield Technology products that we have listed on the website. Simply send us an email when you place your order requesting which product Material Safety Data Sheets you require




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