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Robert Sorby –
Woodturning Tools & Accessories

We are proud to be able to supply the range of Robert Sorby woodturning tools and accessories. Robert Sorby are the worlds premier manufacturers of specialist woodworking, woodcarving and woodturning tools, Robert Sorby‘s heritage dates back to over two hundred years and still today the factory is in Sheffield, England UK where they produce an extensive selection of high quality woodturning, wood carving and woodworking tools, these high quality craftsmanship tools are much sought after world wide. All of the tools we have on offer are supplied complete with a comfortable Ash handle which gives balance and ease of control, the handle is imprinted with the Robert Sorby name which guarantees their continued high quality standard of craftsmanship for over 200 years.   

If you are looking for that tool that will let you spend more time at the lathe and not at the bench grinder, then to ensure that you have a high quality cutting tool. You will not get better than the Robert Sorby extensive range of tools and accessories. Points to note; to ensure that you have purchased one these highly crafted tools
•     The Tang is deeply seated into the handle for added safety.   
•     Each blade of every tool is produced from M2 Sheffield high speed steel.
•     The blade is etched marked for easy identification and only genuine Robert Sorby blades carry this mark.   
•     A finely polished flute ensures optimum cutting edge.




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