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Acrylic Pen Buffing System

The Acrylic Pen Buffing System is a quick and easy to use two step system. Using this system will help you to produce, the ultimate scratch free polished finish on acrylic pen blanks. The system consists of a special 8mm mandrel with two 4" buffing wheels and a buffing compound.

Easy to set up and use.

1.     Assemble the buffing system by fitting the buffing wheels on to the mandrel.
2.     Place the buffing wheels and mandrel between centres, with a rotating centre in the tail stock.
3.     With the lathe running at a slow speed, apply and treat the cotton wheel with the special "blue" buffing compound.
4.     Buff your finished pen blanks on the lathe first with the cotton wheel impregnated with the blue buffing compound
5.     Using the 2nd clean cotton flannel wheel, buff the pen blank until you achieve the desired finish.

Using the acrylic pen buffing system, you will produce a scratch free, flawless polished finish.

System includes: x 1 special 8mm mandrel, Teflon spacers, two 4" buffing wheels and buffing compound.

Supplied in either a No 1MT and No 2MT   

Code Size Description Price
APBS-1 ------ Acrylic Pen Buffing System – No 1MT £26.99
APBS-2 ------ Acrylic Pen Buffing System – No 2MT £26.99




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Many thanks for the speedy replacements for the missing parts of my pen kits. I wasn't really expecting a complete replacement of the entire kits, nor so soon! A truly excellent example of customer service.
- Paul Williams