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Igaging Digital Snap – Check Gauge

An electronic Mini Depth Gauge and Digital Indicator all in one with 2-way measuring and spring load. This instrument provides readings in your preference of inch, metric, or fraction, and is can be used to check the depth of a slot, dovetail or hole in your work. Easy to use and easy to carry, this is a great quick way to make sure your measurements line up!


•     Smooth spring plunger movement
•     Flat and Ball – Top Anvils included
•     Rare earth magnetic base
•     Humidity & Dust resistant
•     Spare battery 3V CR2032

Faster, easier, and simpler to use than a dial indicator

Use Snap – Check to set jointer knives, jointer table parallelism and precise depths – of – cut. Set table saw blade and dado stacks for depth – of – cut and measure blade run – out. Snap – Check is the perfect tool for setting router bits to either a router base or router table. You’ll find lots more uses in your shop. Let Snap – Check make your machine and tool setups a Snap.


•     Resolution 0.0005” / 0.1mm / 64th fraction
•     Measure range ¼” depth to 2” height
•     Accuracy 0.001” / 0-1”
•     Auto shut – off
•     Ball – Tip Anvil included

Code Size Description Price
350907 ------ Igaging Digital Snap – Check Gauge £19.99




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