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Jeweller's Brass Pocket Caliper

These handy pocket calipers are made from solid brass. The slide runs in a milled dovetail slot giving a smooth action. The caliper features permanently engraved graduations in both metric and imperial. The imperial scale is direct reading 3.1/4" x 1/16"; whilst the 80mm metric features a vernier scale readable to 0.1mm. No one is pretending this is a high precision instrument, but for quick external measurements or quick comparisons, it is an extremely handy tool. Unlike many poor quality copies, these calipers perform very well.

Dimensions: Length overall 100mm – Jaw depth 20mm, for external measurements.

Also an handy tool to have in your turning smock pocket for quick and easy measuring of work being turned at the lathe such as sizing the foot or recess of the work to fit on to the chuck, the thickness of rims and so on

•     Solid brass, handy pocket caliper
•     Milled dovetail slot gives smooth action
•     Permanently engraved graduations in both metric and imperial
•     Imperial scale direct reading 3.1/4" x 1/16"
•     80mm metric scale with vernier scale readable to 0.1mm
•     Ideal tool for quick external measurements or quick comparisons
•     Length 100mm, jaw depth 20mm

Code Size Description Price
502427 80mm Jeweller's Brass Pocket Caliper £9.46




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