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Classic Woodcarver’s Vice

The Classic Woodcarver’s Vice is simple quick and can be easily fitted to a work bench, table top or other similar work surfaces by the clamping mechanism, this vice allows you to remove and store it when not in use freeing up the valuable bench and work top space, with the ability to transport and work on a carving at another location without having to remove it from the clamp.

The clamp is simple to use and operates by use of a turn – screw which combined with the size of the face plates provide a secure attachment to most bench tops or work surface up to 4” thick. The 4” face plate is designed so that rough – out work can be done at its lowest setting and raised, lowered, swung and rotated to virtually any position for detail work.

An ideal vice for woodcarvers and hobbyists that’s lightweight, portable and strong

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WCV ------ Classic Woodcarver’s Vice £45.99




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