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Boa Constrictor

The Power to Open:

A simple yet effective tool, the Boa Constrictor works on the same principle as the oil filter remover wrench but instead of having a chain belt the Boa Constrictor has a robust wide rubber strap. The Boa can be used to open or tighten different shaped items, works on most materials including plastic piping, threaded lids and polished surfaces, without causing damage or scratching the material due to the rubber strap.

The Boa Constrictor is supplied in two sizes: Standard size Boa, this is more than capable of exerting up to two tons of pressure, enough to deal with even the most stubborn tightened thread. The strapping allows for a massive grip of approximately 160mm (6 ¾”) in diameter

The Baby Boa, this is just a smaller version of the standard Boa but with the smaller rubber strapping which still allows for a massive grip of approximately 100mm (4”) in diameter

The Boa Constrictor can be used on a variety of different jobs, such as removing oil filters, tap covers, the most stubborn of jam jar like lids and is a particularly useful tool for those of us whose grip is not what it used to be. In addition to these the Boa can have its users in the workshop apart from opening those rusted old nail & screw tins and jars, when working at the lathe and the piece you are working on becomes stuck fast and will not move, an example you are turning a box with a lid and you have reversed the box so has to finish the base and when you go to remove it, it is stuck fast, rather than tapping it, wrapping a piece of cloth around it or whatever comes to hand which as the potential of damaging the polished box, the Boa comes in handy in a few simple movements, place the rubber strapping around the piece a little pressure applied and off it comes no marks no scratches and because the Boa is easy to use the piece didn’t just fly off the lathe landing on the floor. It can also be used to remove the chuck from the head stock, every kitchen / workshop should have one

Code Size Description Price
610000 ------ Standard Boa £8.46
015062 ------ Baby Boa £3.96




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Ordered sharpening jig on Friday afternoon which arrived with me first thing Monday morning. Excellent service. Thank you.
- Ronnie Charlton