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Alternative Ivory, Horn & Tortoise Shell

It would not be acceptable in this day and age to go out and just take what we wanted, here are three polyester type materials which have been developed to provide very acceptable alternatives to tortoise shell, ivory and horn and will pass inspection as very satisfactory alternatives. We are able to supply these polyester turning blanks in the following sizes all are 150mm in length and either 25mm or 50mm in diameter and can be turned with a variety of edge tools. Finishing is best carried out with a scraper at 2,000rpm followed by sanding with wet and dry at 500rpm.

Tip: The alternative tortoise shell, ivory and horn can be turned to make elegant little trinket, jewellery boxes on the lathe aswell as goblets, jewellery and the more expensive style pens such as the Majestic type. Makes an excellent pill box a perfect gift to someone who has to carry their medication, tablets around with them and can be used with our deluxe razor kits

Code Size Description Price
091000 150x25mm Alternative Ivory 150 x 25mm Diameter £3.84
091001 150x50mm Alternative Ivory 150 x 50mm Diameter £16.94
091004 150x25mm Alternative Tortoise Shell 150 x 25mm Diameter £3.84
091005 150x50mm Alternative Tortoise Shell 150 x 50mm Diameter £16.94
091002 150x25mm Alternative Horn 150 x 25mm Diameter £3.84




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Dear Dave I just wanted to thank you for your efficiency in supplying me with an Arbortech, I placed the order on Wednesday and it arrived in excellent condition on Friday. Today I am using it - very good service - I shall order more from you. Thank you Rob
- Rob