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RS215KT Chattertool

The Robert Sorby Chattertool enables you to create and had an infinite variety of decoration patterns on end grain timber projects such as box lids, simply by altering the cutter, cutter length, lathe speed and or the position of the tool rest. The Chattertool comes complete with two different double ended chatter cutters and a scraper blade. The chatter cutter RS220 is a square & point cutter and the RS221 chatter cutter is a dome & hollow cutter. The scraper RS222 is a HSS cutter which is shaped like a teardrop producing a three sided scraper enabling you to adjust the scraper cutter to suit your required needs. Making this a worth while versatile tool to add to your turning tool selection; The chatter patterns are created by the tips of the cutter vibrating against the timber, the patterns can be varied by altering the cutter, cutter length, lathe speed and the position it is held in the tool rest.

Tip: When sharpening the chatter cutters always make sure to raise a burr. You can always tell when these are working well as they produce a high pitched whining noise.

Code Size Description Price
RS215KT ------ Chattertool Complete Kit £44.50
RS220 ------ Sq & Point Cutter £4.05
RS221 ------ Dome & Hollow Cutter £4.05
RS222 ------ Shear Scraper Cutter £7.45




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Hello David Just to let you know the Tormec machine I bought from you arrived here in France with my friends yesterday. I am a retired engineer and ran my own company for many years, and I know good machinery when I see it. This is a seriously good piece of kit and very well presented. They seem to have thought of everything. I am looking forward to getting to grips with it. I,ll let you know how I progress. Thanks for all your help Kind regards
- Ken E