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Hand Held Drive Punch 1

We all know how damage is caused to our drive centres, after finding the centre of the blank you take the drive centre and using a hammer or mallet tap it into the centre marking on the blank, the first couple of times no problem then without realising it, the end of the drive centre starts to become out of shape and damaged

This new product introduced by Planet will solve this problem, this unique tool works by positioning it on to the marked centre of the blank and then simply tapping it into the blank using the mallet or hammer, leaving the groves making it easier so that the blank will then fit onto the drive centres on the lathe. Why damage your more expensive drive centres anymore

Our Special Offer – Buy the new Hand Held Drive Punch 1" 4 Prong and get the Planet Wooden Mallet at half price (Wooden Mallet is listed at £10.32 when purchased separately)

Code Size Description Price
014H 1" Hand Held Drive Punch 1" 4 Prong £17.38
014HM 1" Hand Held Drive Punch 1" 4 Prong & Wooden Mallet £22.54
WM38 ------ Wooden Mallet £10.32




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I have bought a number of tools from David over the years and the service,quality of products and most of all the genuine interest in his customers is outstanding.An outstanding company to deal with.Many thanks again. Reg
- Reg Unsworth