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Planet – 13mm Keyed Chuck & Mandrel (Arbor)

A high quality 13mm keyed chuck designed to be used in conjunction with the drill chuck mandrel (arbor), having a ½” x 20tpi thread codes: DM1A & DM2A. The jaws of this drill chuck will close down to almost nothing to take the smaller drill bits and with a maximum capacity of 13mm. This keyed chuck can be purchased on its own or with either a No 1 or No 2 Mandrel (Arbor), the drill chuck mandrels (arbors) can be purchased separately if required

Key Features
•     Available in two morse taper sizes (No 1 & No 2MT)
•     Suitable for most pillar drills and lathes
•     The Drill Chuck Mandrel (Arbor) can be used with other similar chucks which have an internal thread of ½” x 20tpi

An excellent choice to add to your lathe and tool box, turning your lathe in to a drill when fitted to the tail stock and used for drilling out with either the Colt MaxiCut® Forstner bits and the Planet Sawtooth Forstner bits and for drilling out the pen blanks and many other similar projects including the drilling out of salt and pepper mills

Code Size Description Price
PKC1 13mm Planet – 13mm Keyed Chuck £18.90
DMC1 No 1MT Planet – 13mm Keyed Chuck + No 1MT Mandrel (Arbor) £28.12
DMC2 No 2MT Planet – 13mm Keyed Chuck + No 2MT Mandrel (Arbor) £28.12
DM1A No 1MT Drill Chuck Mandrel (Arbor) – ½” x 20tpi £9.54
DM2A No 2MT Drill Chuck Mandrel (Arbor) – ½” x 20tpi £9.54




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Many thanks for the speedy replacements for the missing parts of my pen kits. I wasn't really expecting a complete replacement of the entire kits, nor so soon! A truly excellent example of customer service.
- Paul Williams