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Morse Taper Arbors – B16

Morse taper arbors for use with keyed and keyless chucks as used on many pillar drills and lathes, available in three different Morse taper sizes with a B16 taper to accept the drill chuck (No 1, 2 or 3MT)

Key Features
•     Available in three morse taper sizes (No 1, 2 or 3MT)
•     Suitable for many pillar drill chucks and lathes
•     Use with our 13mm keyed chuck – Code: 700406

Code Size Description Price
700407 No 1MT No 1MT – Morse Taper Arbors – B16 £2.94
700408 No 2MT No 2MT – Morse Taper Arbors – B16 £3.24
700409 No 3MT No 3MT – Morse Taper Arbors – B16 £4.25




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