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812H Spindlemaster

One of the most common problems that the woodturner whether just starting out or the more experienced turner will have some kind of problem using the skew chisels, which can lead to the turner not using the correct tools to suit the task in hand.   Robert Sorby have solved this age old problem with the New Spindlemaster, which does away with the problems encountered with using the skew chisels. The new Spindlemaster as been designed with a flat surface on one side with an oval shape on the other side, which makes dig-ins a thing of the past, this tool is easy to master even by the least experience turner. The Spindlemaster will do everything that a skew chisel can but it can also be used to create beads and coves very easily and because of the tools design, you are left with a near polished surface which will mean the need for less sanding, you will get the same results on what ever type timber you are using. This is an ideal tool for both the smaller projects such as pen making, box making and tall goblet and the larger projects such as staircase spindles. I can only say that if you have had any problems using the skew chisel then don’t give up, try the Robert Sorby New Spindlemaster. The tool comes complete with full detailed instructions on how to care for and use this probably one of the most versatile woodturning tools available today.

879H Micro Spindlemaster

The Micro Spindlemaster is simply a smaller version of the 812H Spindlemaster; however this micro tool is best suited for smaller and detailed spindle work such as pen making and miniature turning. You will get that near perfect finish straight from the tool. The Spindlemaster is featured in the Robert Sorby Specialist Tools video

Tip: The Spindlemaster is one of the easiest tools to sharpen. Simply hone on the top face, there is no need to touch the polished bevel

Code Size Description Price
812H13 ½” (13mm) Spindlemaster ½” £36.45
812H19 ¾” (19mm) Spindlemaster ¾” £40.55
879H13 ½” Micro Spindlemaster £24.99




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