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Acrylic Pen Turning Blanks

The acrylic and polyester pen / lace bobbin blanks can be drilled, turned and polished in the same way as you would work with and turn the more traditional wooden pen blank at the lathe

In addition to using the acrylic and polyester materials for turning pens at the lathe, they are also suitable for other similar small projects such as letter openers, magnifying glass, cutlery handles, light pulls, whistles and many more. If you keep the ends of the pen blanks that are cut away and then probably discarded, you could use these off cuts to make jewellery pieces and light pulls, another idea is that you could cut and clean up the acrylic cut offs and then glue the pieces together to make up your own unique coloured pen blanks

We have put together a selection of our most popular acrylic pen / lace bobbin turning blanks; these have been turned round to give you a better idea of what the finished pen blank may look like. Each Acrylic pen turning blanks is 150mm long x 20mm square

Tip: To achieve the best finish when turning the acrylic pen blanks:

1.     I have found that the 5/16” Roughing Out Gouge and the ½” Micro Spindle Master part of the Robert Sorby 3 piece pen turning set code 36HS are the best tools to turn these pen blanks down to the desired finished shape and size.
2.     For the sanding process I use the Hermes RB406 J-Flex Abrasives down to a 400 grit – and followed using the Micro Mesh Abrasives codes 211365 or 211364
3.     For that extra shine / gleam and to protect the surface of the finished pen, I finish the pen off with a couple of coats of the burnishing cream code CNBC/5 or the Hut Ultra Gloss plastic polish code HUGPP
4.     For drilling out the hole for the brass tubing the best drill to use is the Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bits, they produce the perfect hole everytime in both acrylic and wooden pen blanks

Code Size Description Price
01 150x20x20mm Timeless Skies Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
02 150x20x20mm Cafe Society Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
03 150x20x20mm Constantinople Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
04 150x20x20mm Flying Sorcery Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
05 150x20x20mm Merlin’s Time Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
06 150x20x20mm Midas Shadow Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
07 150x20x20mm Midnight Rocks Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
08 150x20x20mm Modern Times Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
09 150x20x20mm Mondo Sinistro Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
10 150x20x20mm Necromancer Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
11 150x20x20mm Black Hill Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
12 150x20x20mm Terminal Eyes Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
13 150x20x20mm Old Admirals Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
14 150x20x20mm Broadway Hotel Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
15 150x20x20mm Valentina Way Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
16 150x20x20mm Murmansk Run Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
17 150x20x20mm Optical Illusion Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
18 150x20x20mm Indian Summer Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
19 150x20x20mm Pandora Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
20 150x20x20mm Antarctica Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
21 150x20x20mm Royal Courtship Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
22 150x20x20mm Bedsitter Images Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
23 150x20x20mm Lord Grenville Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
24 150x20x20mm Ellis Island Acrylic Pen Blank £3.15
0105 150x20x20mm Mixed Selection – Pack of 5 Acrylic Pen Turning Blanks £15.00




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