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Banksia Nut

Banksia Nut (Banksia grandis)
Origin – Western Australia

The Banksia is a very popular exotic oddity, the banksia nut is basically a very large seed pod which has a furry like exterior and is roughly oval in shape with seed pods radiating from the centre. The banksia nut is fairly easy to turn and with a bit of imagination and adding coloured paste / fillers or metal powders in to the opened seed pods you could turn something really unique one of a kind finished project

To Turn:

Cut flat each end of the banksia nut and then mount between centres first turn a foot (to fit the jaws on your chuck). Then remount the banksia nut in the chuck and turn, no special turning tools are required. The banksia nut turns fairly easy, it can be hollowed out and a good finish can be achieved using both oils and wax, the Banksia nut has a nice reddish colour which darkens as you apply the finish

Some of the favourite turned projects using the banksia nut are: Small yet functional lamps, neat little bud / flower vases, trinket / jewellery / keep sake boxes and candle sticks / holders, cup & glass coasters for your dinner table, just to name a few

The banksia nuts can vary in size ranging from approximately 6” to 9” in length with a diameter of approximately 3” For waxes, oils and fillers see our selection in the wood finishing section of the tool shop drop down menu

Code Size Description Price
BN0609 6" - 9" Banksia Nut (Banksia grandis) x 1 £4.45
BN0609 6" - 9" Banksia Nut (Banksia grandis) x 2 £8.15




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