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Axminster Evolution Live Revolving Centre

With numerous large capacity lathes now available, we decided to design and make a bigger, high quality, heavy duty live tailstock centre specifically for woodturners, as in the past these centres have been produced for metalworkers. The Evolution centre features a removable aircraft grade aluminium nose cone with a replaceable stainless steel 60° tip. The cone is attached to the stainless steel body of the centre using a standard 3/4" x 16tpi (T01) thread. This common thread size allows the fitting of small faceplates and many other woodturning accessories, and with the cone removed a useful ring centre is revealed within.

What sets this centre apart from others is a double row angular contact bearing which is designed to take substantial radial and axial loads. This bearing is used at the business end of the centre with a quality single race bearing at the rear to ensure maximum concentricity. In use, the tip rotates while the body remains stationary, making it safer to use and it can also be used more confidently for delicate work. This is cutting-edge technology, using high quality materials and manufacturing processes which give strength, accuracy and protection from rust. With the tip removed, a threaded mandrel of 3/4"x16 (T01) allows a wide range of accessories to be used on the tailstock.

The revolving centre is the launch product of the Evolution Series and with the developing other attachments to further enhance this centre's capabilities. Supplied with a spanner and tommy bar for removal and replacement of the aluminium cone and is available in 1, 2 and 3 Morse taper options.

The picture shows the Evolution Live Revolving Centre fitted with a small face plate, which is purchased separately

Code Size Description Price
504663 1MT Axminster Evolution Live Revolving Centre £74.94
504664 2MT Axminster Evolution Live Revolving Centre £74.94
504665 3MT Axminster Evolution Live Revolving Centre £74.94




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