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Glass Oil Lights (Set of 4)

These hand blown oil burner sets will look great on any mantelpiece, dining table or patio. The set consists of four lamps plus four funnels for filling are also included in the set with many options for display. Why not make your very own exciting creations using the many different types of timber or other materials that are easily available today. Approximate hole size of 1.1/2" (38mm) is required. We recommend the use of a good quality low odour lamp oil for these burners. The glass oil lights set are supplied boxed complete with instructions.

Tip: We also recommend either the Sawtooth Forstner Bit 1 1/2" (38.1mm) code STC1.12 or the Robert Sorby 829H – Box Scraper ¾” which are the ideal tools to remove and create the hole to take the glass oil pot, the external shape of the oil pot holder and the material you use is left to your own imagination

The finished oil burner makes an ideal gift or they can be sold at the craft fair / car boot sale and sold either in sets or individually. The picture below shows the glass oil lights set with the wicks fitted, including the funnels and some examples of what you can achieve using the glass oil lights set.

Code Size Description Price
502991 Set of 4 Glass Oil Lights (Set of 4) £9.99
STC1.12 1 ½” Sawtooth Forstner Bit 1 1/2" (38.1mm) £14.99
829H ¾” Box Scraper ¾” (19mm) (Robert Sorby) £35.45




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Hello David Thank you very much for the arbortech, which I ordered from you yesterday. It arrived this morning, unbelievably fast service, thank you. Regards Neil
- Neil