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Hollow Rotating Centre & Long Series Lip & Spur Drill – Special Offer

If you are just starting or just need to replace or upgrade your hollowing system and to help you save some money, buy both the Hollow Rotating Centre codes: HRC1 (No1 MT) or the HRC2 (No 2MT) and the Lip and Spur Drill Bit - Long Series 5/16” dia x 24” long – code: LSL/C516 together

Code Size Description Price
HRCLSD/1MT 5/16"-No1MT Long Series 5/16” lip and spur Drill & Hollow Rotating Centre – 5/16" – 1MT £59.99
HRCLSD/2MT 5/16"-No2MT Long Series 5/16” lip and spur Drill & Hollow Rotating Centre – 5/16" – 2MT £59.99




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Hi dave, I'd like to say a huge thanks for all your help and time to sort out my new lathe (JET 4224) for my workshop. You're a wealth of expertise and a diamond fella. I can't recommend you enough. You're now promoted on the AWGB forum. I look forward to many years great service and trade with you. Cheers. Lew.
- Lew, The blind woodturner