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Hollow Rotating Centre

Part of the Planet / rotur range of drive centres the HRC1 or 2 hollow rotating centres has a 5/16” bore hole for long hole boring. Based around our standard duty configuration, which is also useful for spindle turning when there is a danger of a centre point splitting the stock.

The Hollow Rotating Centre (code: HRC1 or HRC2) set comprises of the Hollow rotating centre with either a No 1MT or No 2MT, complete with the nose cone, which when inserted is for use as a standard centre and the centring rod.

Code Size Description Price
HRC1 1MT Hollow Rotating Centre – 5/16" – 1MT £47.88
HRC2 2MT Hollow Rotating Centre – 5/16" – 2MT £47.88




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Many thanks David for donating all the pen making equipment, which I will deliver to the wood shed at Phoenix House run by Help 4 Heroes. This donation will enable the shed to help military veterans who have been injured both physically and mentally whilst serving their country. Many of these heroes have not interacted with others for many years. The wood shed tries to bring these guys and girls together and break through some of the barriers which stop this interaction. It will also enable many ot them to try turning for the first time. I know first hand what its like to find that one thing which helps turn lives around. Once again David from one veteran to another, Thank You, you may have just saved some lives. John Someone who found turning and it changed my life.
- John Grant