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Hollow Rotating Centre

Part of the Planet / rotur range of drive centres the HRC1 or 2 hollow rotating centres has a 5/16” bore hole for long hole boring. Based around our standard duty configuration, which is also useful for spindle turning when there is a danger of a centre point splitting the stock.

The Hollow Rotating Centre (code: HRC1 or HRC2) set comprises of the Hollow rotating centre with either a No 1MT or No 2MT, complete with the nose cone, which when inserted is for use as a standard centre and the centring rod.

Code Size Description Price
HRC1 1MT Hollow Rotating Centre – 5/16" – 1MT £47.88
HRC2 2MT Hollow Rotating Centre – 5/16" – 2MT £47.88




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I already knew this was a really good site from using it last time after looking at a lot of others. The prices and service were great so used it again, and will do next time, without thinking twice. This time _I_ made a mistake with my order which Dave then dispatched so fast that I didn't have time to correct it before it was on the way. He then sorted out _my_ mistake so brilliantly and so fast that it would have been superlative response if it had been his fault, let alone mine. Phenomenal!
- Mike