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Wheel Marking Gauge

There are two main problems with a typical marking gauge: you have to tilt it just right to avoid pin chatter and, even then, the pin tends to follow the wood grain, throwing off your line. The wheel marking gauges solve both problems. The hardened steel wheel cutter scribes perfectly at any point of its circumference. Since it cuts wood fibres rather than tears, it marks cleanly, even on cross grain. The wheel's bevel also pulls the gauge face against the stock, maintaining accuracy, micro adjustments can easily be made by the use of the brass locking screw. Its cutting edge is at the extreme end of the rod, the wheel marking gauges are very easy to set and are useful for transferring dimensions such as tenon shoulder and mortise depth. The wheel retracts into the face of the gauge for storage and protection.

Supplied blister packed, the wheel marking gauges is an excellent marking tool and will quickly prove its value– One handed easy – set design, which requires no additional tools. Up to 150mm depth of adjustment can be made. Lightweight aluminium body with a bright brass face. Inch measurements engraved on the precision ground shaft.

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MAG150 150mm Wheel Marking Gauge £36.79




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