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Excelsior Range of Additional Cutters

Robert Sorby have also included a compressive range of popular different cutters designed and constructed with all of the Excelsior specifications as described above, which can be fitted to the different woodturning tools, which will allow the cutters to be fitted, such as the Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool – RS200KT, the RS230KT Hollowmaster and the new Robert Sorby Sovereign Ultima woodturning tool.

Please note that some of the cutters are shown more than once, this is to show the cutters being fitted to the tool at different angles to suit the type of cut required for different applications and the turners own preferred method of turning

The picture shows the different cutters fitted to the different woodturning tools. The woodturning tools are not included and are sold separately. If you are unsure to which tools will accept the Excelsior range of cutters then please call or email our office for more information

Code Size Description Price
RS200GC ------ Excelsior – Tear drop cutter £15.45
RS222G ------ Excelsior – Small tear drop cutter £11.15
RS230GC ------ Excelsior – Round scraper cutter £14.10
RS211GC ------ Excelsior – Round end cutter £12.35
RS212GC ------ Excelsior – Side/End cutter £12.35
826GC ------ Excelsior – Internal scraper £10.25
827GC ------ Excelsior – External scraper £10.25
SOV-ULTCUTG ------ Excelsior – Sovereign Ultima High Performance Cutter £13.05




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