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Multi – Chuck Drive Centres

Well engineered and manufactured in the UK by rotur, the Multi – Chuck Drive Centre is designed to be held in the jaws of a multi-chuck system. Enables between-centre turning to be carried out without removing the chuck from the lathe, the multi – chuck drive centres have a shank diameter of 18mm and supplied with either 2 x prongs or 4 x prongs for greater holding power.

Code Size Description Price
MCO/2A 2 Prongs Multi – Chuck Drive Centre x 2 Prongs £18.25
MCO/4A 4 Prongs Multi – Chuck Drive Centre x 4 Prongs £18.25




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David... many thanks for your swift conclusion of my order, true to your word where sometimes others are not and thanks also for the free gift of a pen kit, I am most grateful... regards Philip
- Philip Roe