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Jet AFS-500 Air Filtration System

This is a medium to large workshop filter unit which has the advantage that it can be positioned anywhere in the workshop, either on a bench, a shelf or suspended from the ceiling. The unit is easy to operate and has three speeds simply activated by the push of a button. It should be mounted away from ventilation and heating vents and is only suitable for non-metallic dust particles. The unit can be positioned either vertically or horizontally to best utilise the space available. It is fitted with a pleated cloth main filter and an electrostatically charged pre-filter. An optional charcoal filter is available which can (a) neutralise odours and harmful organic fumes and (b) refresh the air by removing smoke, dust, bacteria, pollen and other harmful microscopic particles. Supplied as standard with main filter and electrostatically charged pre-filter. For best results leave the AFS-500 running for a few minutes after your machines have been switched off, or use a plug-in timer to run the filter after you leave the workshop.

Key Features:
•     Can be positioned anywhere in the workshop, vertically or horizontally
•     Easy to operate - three speed options simply activated by the push of a button
•     Pleated cloth main filter and an electrostatically charged pre-filter
•     Optional charcoal filter available to neutralise odours and harmful organic fumes

Specification for Jet AFS-500 Air Filtration System:
•     Air Movement - 360, 480, 600m³/hr
•     Filtration - 2 Stage
•     Input Power S6 40% - 205W
•     Model - AFS-500
•     Nett Weight - 15kg
•     Output Power S6 40% - 160W
•     Overall L x W x H - 400 x 610 x 300mm
•     Particle Size - Inner-1 Micron, Outer-5 Microns
•     Power - Input 100W
•     Room Volume - 120m³

(Please note: The Price for item 310483 includes free delivery to address’s within the UK mainland only)

Code Size Description Price
310483 ------ Jet AFS-500 Air Filter - 230V Plus Free of Charge the Air Filter Mounting Kit £300.25
310484 ------ Main Filter for Jet AFS500 Air Filtration System £39.99
708731 ------ Electrostatic Filter for Jet AFS-500/1000B Air Filter £16.55
708734 ------ Charcoal Filter for Jet AFS-500/1000B Air Filter £27.80
400398 ------ Air Filter Mounting Kit £22.99




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