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MD2G Moisture Meter

This simple yet useful tool is used to check the moister content of your timber, the MD2G Moisture Meter has two hardened steel pins, which are pushed in to the wood or if the wood is very hard two small holes can be drilled and then the two steel pins can be inserted to obtain the reading of moister content, which is shown on the row of LEDs. When not in use the pins are protected by a cover.

The MD2G Moisture Meter is 140 x 60 x 25mm and requires a 9V battery (not included)

Code Size Description Price
600421 140 x 60 x 25mm MD2G Moisture Meter £29.35




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Spent some time on the phone chatting about what I waS looking for (colt forcner bit) absolutely lovely fella,salt of the earth,and very informed and knowledgeable yet honest and fair.Thank you,my best wishes to you,know where to come back too.......
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