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Veritas Carver's Vice

Any good carver's vice should be adjustable in all three dimensions. The Veritas vice has full rotation in two and up to 75mm (3") of height adjustment in the third. An internal arrangement of a spring and an 'O' ring ensures that repositioning the workpiece is a smooth, controlled operation, with no violent swings or movements, allowing precise placement for the next angle of attack. The layout of the base enables the vice to be mounted in a variety of ways, clamped in a vice, and permanently fixed to a bench (side or top) or through a 19mm (3/4") dog hole with the optional dog mounting kit. The mounting plate provided with the vice is 90mm (3.1/2") diameter and there is an additional 50mm (2") diameter one also available. As with all Veritas products, form and function are combined to present a very superior tool. High quality materials and excellent workmanship mean this vice is going to serve the carver's needs for many, many years. Key features: Adjustable in all three dimensions, can be mounted in a variety of ways, optional dog mounting kit, supplied with 90mm (3.1/2") mounting plate, optional 50mm (2") plate also available

Code Size Description Price
474520 ------ Veritas Carver's Vice £107.99
476880 ------ Veritas Dog-Hole Mount Assembly £9.00
476672 50mm Veritas Mounting Plate with Rod 50mm (2") £10.99
475586 89mm Veritas Mounting Plate with Rod - 89mm(3.5") £23.75




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exellent service - ordered online 26th received 30th. Many thanks
- Graham Slaughter