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Full Face Visor – Bound with aluminium for added strength

This full length face mask/visor covers the full face area down to well below the chin. It as a polycarbonate lens which is bound with aluminium for added strength and durability, the visor lens is measures approximately 8” x 15 ½” x 0.04” and as a fully adjustable crown cap, which incorporates a ratchet type adjustable headband, making it quick and easy to adjust to fit your own requirements, which makes it comfortable and a pleasure to wear when working

The Visor complete with the adjustable crown cap conforms to EN166 13B & EN1731F

An excellent choice where safety is a concern, this may be one of the most important pieces of safety accessories that you have in your workshop whether you are working at the lathe, working with power tools or working on any DIY projects around the home or work place where there may be an hazard that could cause injury or damage to your eyes or face.

Code Size Description Price
FV424/C 8” x 15 ˝” x 0.04” Full Face Visor – Bound with aluminium for added strength £15.54




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Dave, The sharpening system has just arrived and it is splendid! As a newcomer to woodturning it is going to be invaluable. Thank you very much for the free protractor - it is much appreciated and please be assured that I am very happy with this and previous orders and that Turners Toolbox will continue to be my first stop for all things woodturning. Many thanks
- John