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Cutter Holder

When it comes to sharpening the different cutting heads available today, from woodturning turning tools such as the Robert Sorby RS200KT Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool, it can become difficult at times to say the least, trying to hold the cutter in place and sometimes you end up just trimming your own finger nails and not the cutting edge.

The solution is the Robert Sorby Cutter Holder item number 472. This simple yet functional tool enables you to hold the cutter in place securely so that you get a clean finish and sharp cutting edge on your tools and not your fingers

The Cutter Holder enables you to hold two cutting heads / tips at once, as shown in the picture one at either end to aid in speeding up the process if you have more than one cutting head / tip to sharpen

(Please note: The cutting head / tips shown in the picture are not included with the Cutter Holder)

Code Size Description Price
472 ------ Cutter Holder £6.05




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Ordered sharpening jig on Friday afternoon which arrived with me first thing Monday morning. Excellent service. Thank you.
- Ronnie Charlton