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Colt MaxiCut Woodturning – Drilling / Boring Set

The ColtMaxi Cut Woodturning set is perfect for boring on the lathe, the set features the RotaStop shank system, which cuts precisely and without the fear of slippage. This starter kit contains a 2mt adaptor, 150mm RotaStop extension and a 1 – 1/16” MaxiCut Forstner bit, ideal for boring out salt and pepper mills, a large range of additional Forstner sizes available for a host of other lathe projects. RotaStop is a unique feature, eliminating the risk of rotation; it automatically locks the bit in the 2mt adaptor or extension and can be easily unlocked. The MaxiCut Forstner bit has a unique head design, it is fast cutting with a good chip clearance and can be used on both end and cross grain applications, producing an extremely clean precise hole, with a lower heat build up than other Forstner cutters, there is less need to withdraw the cutter.

Code Size Description Price
10800134 1–1/16” Colt MaxiCut Woodturning – Drilling / Boring Set £71.98




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