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Dura-Grit 4 Piece Starter Set

Dura-Grit are powerful, long lasting cutting and shaping tools that finish as they cut! This starter set gives you everything you need for carving and shaping! They are unique, strong; carbide coated steel shapes, mounted on 3.2mm (1/8") heavy duty mandrels. Made with tungsten-carbide grit, braze welded to steel, Dura-Grit tools are extremely strong and aggressive.

Starter Set contains:
•†††††60 Grit 32mm (1.1/4") dia. Mushroom Shaping Wheel
•†††††80 Grit 25mm (1") dia. Cutting Wheel
•†††††120 Grit 13mm (1/2") dia. Drum Sander
•†††††80 Grit 3mm (1/8") dia. Pointed Burr
•†††††3mm shanks

Code Size Description Price
474769 4 Piece Set Dura-Grit 4 Piece Starter Set £48.99




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Many thanks David your excellent service. The replacement pen set turned up this morning with blanks. It would be nice if all on line services were as good as yours Thanks again
- Guy