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Dura-Grit 4 Piece Starter Set

Dura-Grit are powerful, long lasting cutting and shaping tools that finish as they cut! This starter set gives you everything you need for carving and shaping! They are unique, strong; carbide coated steel shapes, mounted on 3.2mm (1/8") heavy duty mandrels. Made with tungsten-carbide grit, braze welded to steel, Dura-Grit tools are extremely strong and aggressive.

Starter Set contains:
•     60 Grit 32mm (1.1/4") dia. Mushroom Shaping Wheel
•     80 Grit 25mm (1") dia. Cutting Wheel
•     120 Grit 13mm (1/2") dia. Drum Sander
•     80 Grit 3mm (1/8") dia. Pointed Burr
•     3mm shanks

Code Size Description Price
474769 4 Piece Set Dura-Grit 4 Piece Starter Set £48.99




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Hi there thank you for the quick and excellent service i recieved my mini grinder today saturday morning on the isle of wight thank you very much
- Mr Taylor