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Knife Sharpening Jig for the ProEdge Sharpening System

The jig consists of all parts required to convert a ProEdge, a new back plate, raised wear plate, universal arm and knife holder. The kit includes instructions on fitting and should only take a few minutes with the use of a 13mm spanner (not supplied) to fit onto the ProEdge. It is available in two sizes, with a small knife holder for pocket knives, carving knives and blades upto 8" long and with a large knife holder for hunting knives and blades over 8". The jigs are universal so a customer can buy the other knife holder to enable all sizes to be sharpened. The clamp on the knife holder has three screws, two clamping screws and a jacking screw to enable different thickness of blades to be safely held. The adjustable collar on the arm will allow different bevel angles to be sharpened from a steep angle for a woodcarving knife to a shallow angle for a fish filleting knife.

Also available are three new Trizact belts for sharpening and finishing all types of knife. A Trizact structured belt is different to other abrasive belts. Being arranged in an open form the abrasive allows for a rapid cut, with greater resistance to clogging which in turn means much less friction creating a cooler cut and extended belt life. These new belts are also suitable for sharpening high speed steel turning tools and carbon steel edge and carving tools.

These are shown above in the Replacement Abrasive Belts section: Item No’s: PE600T - PE1200T - PE3000T

Code Size Description Price
PEKJIGL Large ProEdge Knife Jig – Large £48.99
PEKJIGS Small ProEdge Knife Jig – Small £48.99
PEKHL Large Knife holder – Large £18.99
PEKHS Small Knife holder – Small £18.99




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