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Chestnut Products Buffing Kit

The Chestnut Products Buffing Kit is designed to give you a first class finish on all of your work and improve the shine on virtually any item to give an almost mirror-like gloss.

The unstitched wheel allows the wheel to mould itself to the shape of practically any item for polishing. The wheel will be more flexible at slower speeds. It is suitable for use over most finishes in the Chestnut Products range, including all of the lacquers, finishing oils, hard wax oil and friction polish. It can also be used over the cellulose and acrylic sanding sealer.

The kit contains three 8” (203mm) buffing wheels. A firm wheel for the first compound - Tripoli; a softer wheel for second compound - white diamond and very soft 'swansdown' mop for the third compound - Carnauba wax. The two specially designed mandrels; the larger one fits most chucks on the lathe; the smaller one is to fit in to a drill chuck to allow pieces to be polished whilst still mounted on the lathe. Loose strands of cotton will appear on the edges of the wheels when they are first used; this is normal and is to be expected.

The Chestnut Products Buffing Kit is also ideal for polishing turned items that have been removed from the lathe and just need that little extra clean up to finish and remove any finger marks left has the piece was cut for the chuck and also used to polish and clean up pieces that are being taken back to the craft fair / show. The kit includes a full easy to follow set of instructions.

Tip: Allow the work piece to dry thoroughly before use, which can be 2-3 days in the case of some oils. Drying times can be found written with the instructions on application and how to use on most containers that the finish products comes in, but also take note of the conditions you are working in, as the temperature can sometimes affect the drying time.

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CPBK 8” (203mm) Buffing Wheels Chestnut Products Buffing Kit – Complete £50.25




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