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Stainless Steel Rule

High Quality ground Stainless Steel Rule with very clear etched and inked graduations; these steel rules are ideal and suitable for all types of workshop use.   The rules have Imperial and Metric graduations. On the reverse side of the 12” Rule is a conversion table, showing Tap Drill guide and W.W. UNF guide. Available in 6” (150mm), 12” (300mm) and 24” (600mm) sizes

Code Size Description Price
SSR6 6” (150mm) Steel Rule - 6” (150mm) £1.16
SSR12 12” (150mm) Steel Rule - 12” (300mm) £2.26
SSR24 24” (600mm) Steel Rule - 24” (600mm) £7.23




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Just like to say I really liked your web site and I will be buying some Pen Kits from you in the near future and thanks for your help
- Paul