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Pen Assembly Press

The PAP1 – Pen Assembly Press is the ideal solution / tool for assembling and pushing together the sometimes tricky pen parts without causing any damage to the delicate pen parts. This is an easy to use tool, simple and easy to adjust with a nylon pad which protects the end of the pens body has the toggle clamp applies a steady and even amount of pressure as it push’s the different parts together. The Pen Assembly Press can be used straight from the box or it can be clamped or screwed to the work bench.   

•     Efficient in pushing the pen component parts together without causing any damage.
•     Efficient for the insertion of the brass tubes into pen blanks.
•     Can be used straight from the box or clamped or screwed to the work bench
•     Enables you to work quickly and efficiently, especially if you have a number of pens to make prior to a craft fair or club meeting
•     Easily adjustable to suit the many different types of pens available

The PAP1 – Pen Assembly Press is simply a must for the pen turner

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PAP1 ------ Pen Assembly Press £49.99




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