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Replacement Abrasive Belts

The following abrasive belts are available to replace worn used belts on the Robert Sorby Pro-Edge sharpening systems.

Aluminium Oxide abrasive belts, these are ideal for sharpening work bench chisels, woodturning, carving tools and plane irons and are supplied in the following grits:
PE60A – 60grit: PE120A – 120grit: PE240 – 240grts

Zirconium abrasive belts, the ideal abrasive belts for sharpening HSS tools, drill and router bits and are supplied in the following grits:
PE60Z – 60grits: PE120Z – 120grits

Ceramic abrasive belts, these are especially hardwearing and long lasting and used for heavy material removal and are supplied in the following grits:
PE60C – 60grit: PE120C – 120grits

Trizact A30 abrasive belt, arranged in a brick pattern to give quick and efficient sharpening from a 240 grit Aluminium Oxide belt. Supplied in the following grits:
PE600T – 600grit (approximate grit)

Trizact A16 abrasive belt, arranged in a pyramid pattern to give a fine finish from the 600 grit belt. Supplied in the following grits:
PE1200T – 1200grit (approximate grit)

Trizact A6 abrasive belt, arranged a pyramid pattern to give a super fine finish from the 1200 grit belt. Supplied in the following grit:
PE3000T – 3000grit (approximate grit)

Code Size Description Price
PE60A 60grit Aluminium Oxide 60grit Sharpening Belt £2.45
PE120A 120grit Aluminium Oxide 120grit Sharpening Belt £2.45
PE240A 240grit Aluminium Oxide 240grit Sharpening Belt £2.45
PE60Z 60grit Zirconium 60grit Sharpening Belt £3.45
PE120Z 120grit Zirconium 120grit Sharpening Belt £3.45
PE60C 60grit Ceramic 60grit Sharpening Belt £5.05
PE120C 120grit Ceramic 120grit Sharpening Belt £5.05
PE600T 600grit Trizact A30 – 600grit Sharpening Belt £9.55
PE1200T 1200grit Trizact A16 – 1200grit Sharpening Belt £8.45
PE3000T 3000grit Trizact A6 – 3000grit Sharpening Belt £8.45




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