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Velcro (hook & loop) Faced Sanding Pads

A choice of two high quality Velcro (hook & loop) faced sanding pads: Tapered and Parallel shaped pads, both are 50 mm (2”) in diameter with a 6mm diameter shank. Designed for use with a hand held power drill when using power sanding techniques, they can also be used with the hand held sander such as the Sandmaster (410). The tapered sanding pad is more suited and gives a far better finish when working on the rim and inside of the bowls being worked on. Suited for use with the 50mm (2”) Velcro Backed Sanding Discs, which we have listed in many different grits

•     Tapered shaped Velcro (hook & loop) faced sanding pad
•     Parallel shaped Velcro (hook & loop) faced sanding pad
•     Pad face diameter: 50mm (2”)
•     Shank diameter: 6mm
•     Shank length: 3.2cm

(A larger 75mm diameter size pad and sanding disc’s are available on request)

Code Size Description Price
V50/FBPP 50mm (2”) Parallel Velcro Faced Sanding Pad £12.98
V50/FBPT 50mm (2”) Tapered Velcro Faced Sanding Pad £14.99
V75/FBP 75mm(3") Parallel Velcro Faced Sanding Pad £12.35




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