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10mm Pen Accessory Kit

The AK10 – 10mm pen accessory kit consists of 3 HSS drill bits, 9.8 - 9.9 and 10mm, plus 2 end spacers and 1 centre spacer. Use the AK10 kit when turning 10mm pens and other similar projects on the rotur / Planet pen turning kit.

Prepare the pen blank as normal inserting a 10mm brass tube into the pen blank. Simply slide one end spacer onto the shaft of the pen mandrel, slide on the prepared pen blank and then slide on the other end spacer tighten everything and turn your pen as normal. The centre spacer enables you to turn the two halves of the pen blank at the same time, which is ideal if you have a number of pens to turn or if you want to ensure that the two halves are turned to the exact same diameter. The kit is supplied in a sturdy container to help you keep your pen making accessories clean and together

Code Size Description Price
AK10 10mm 10mm Pen Accessory Kit £17.99




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Hi Dave! The package arrived today and now I can get strted with my new tools and finishing products. I will order again from You. Thanks for Your patienece and help with payment details. Regards Tatu.
- Tatu