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TCT Hinge Sinkers

A specially designed bit with a carbide spur and cutter blade, for fast clean and precise drilling of holes for fixing concealed hinges in kitchen cabinet doors, the TCT hinge sinkers are suitable for use on natural timbers, composite boards including MDF, laminated and veneered boards

The TCT hinge sinkers are also ideal for use on other projects such as when creating small desk top clocks after turning a piece on the lathe a precise hole can be drilled to take the watch / clock face. (An example can be seen in my Craft Shop gallery, where I created a small clock from a piece of polished Yew log)

The TCT hinge sinkers can be used in most hand held power drills and pillar / bench type drills

Tip: Sharpen using a EZE-LAP hone or diamond file

Code Size Description Price
HS26/TC 26mm TCT Hinge Sinkers £12.80
HS35/TC 35mm TCT Hinge Sinkers £14.00




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Both lathe and extras have arrived already and very well wrapped! Many thanks for the bonus bits. Excellent service. Now to get turning!
- Ace North