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Upgrade Options – Jig adaptor Table

Robert Sorby have added some interesting accessories to fit their highly popular Universal Sharpening System. To the many thousands of owners there is now the opportunity to retro-fit some interesting jigs which make tool sharpening not only so much quicker but also much more accurate.

447JAT: In the original design of the platform Robert Sorby included four holes. These were intended to be used by the woodworker to affix his own sharpening table. Now such a table (ref. 447JAT) is available. Manufacturer by Robert Sorby and made from heavy duty steel, this is fitted to the platform and held securely in place by screws. Incorporated in the design is an accurately machined slot into which three jigs fit.

PESKEW: Skew Jig – This is the answer to most turners' prayer as it is angled at 60 degrees on both sides to give an accurate presentation of a skew chisel to the grinding wheel. This ensures both repeatability and consistency for the one of the tools which causes almost every hobbyist turner a headache.

PEVB: Standard Gouge Jig – Is suitable for holding any round tool especially standard profile turning gouges - whether bowl, spindle or roughing - which always represent a challenge to sharpen free hand.

PESQ: Woodworking Chisel Jig – Allows presentation of the tool at 90 degrees to the wheel. That makes it ideal for sharpening not only the Woodturner’s square scrapers but also his parting tools. For the cabinet maker this jig offers the further, very real advantage of ensuring his bench chisels are sharpening in a consistent fashion     

By using any of the three jigs the woodworker is not only eliminating a lot of guess-work in sharpening but is ensuring that the removal of expensive steel is minimised during the sharpening process.

Code Size Description Price
447JAT ------ Jig adaptor Table £15.99
PESKEW ------ Skew Jig £10.99
PEVB ------ Standard Gouge Jig £19.05
PESQ ------ Woodworking Chisel Jig £11.15




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