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Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bits

The Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bits have been specifically designed to drill accurate holes in the end grain of wood and acrylic pen blanks, 6 times faster than conventional drill bits, the parabolic flute design clears the chips quickly and prevents chip burn.

Length 150 mm and made from top quality HSS-M2 steel.
Packed in a handy reusable storage tubes. Made in Germany

Other sizes are available, call or email our office with the size of drill bit that you require

Code Size Description Price
10150700 7mm Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bit - 7mm £8.99
10150516 5/16"(7.98mm) Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bit - 5/16" (7.98mm) £10.15
10151132 11/32"(8.73mm) Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bit - 11/32" (8.73mm) £11.25
10150900 9mm Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bit - 9mm £11.89
10150038 3/8"(9.5mm) Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bit - 3/8" (9.5mm) £13.99
10151000 10mm Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bit - 10mm £13.99
10151332 13/32 Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bit - 13/32" (10.32mm) £13.79
10152764 27/64"(10.72mm) Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bit - 27/64" (10.72mm) £15.99
10151500 15mm Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bit - 15mm £29.99




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