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Restore Pre-Clean

Shield Technology Restore Pre-Clean & Degreaser is a powerful water-soluble formulation, which removes mineral oils and greases from tools, machinery and vehicles. Degreasing should always precede de-rusting with Restore Rust Remover.

Restore Pre-Clean is Biodegradable, non-toxic and water-based formulation that removes grease, oil and grime and brightens all metal surfaces. It is harmless to plastics, rubbers, and copper based alloys. It should not be used on aluminium alloys.

A powerful corrosion inhibitor is included in the formulation to protect cleaned surfaces against further corrosion. Restore Pre-Clean is extremely economical, the contents of a 500ml bottle makes up to 10 litres of powerful degreasing fluid which can be used either cold or hot.

This outstanding product can be used by a diverse range of different users, from restorers of all type of vehicle, tool collectors and restorers, boat builders, model engineers and conservators etc.

The degreasing solution is simply made by mixing the contents of the bottle with plain tap water in a polythene or stainless steel container.

If using a stainless steel tank, the solution may be heated to approximately 60 deg.C this will significantly improve the cleaning process.

Parts may now be de-rusted using Restore Rust Remover, plated, painted, polished or, alternatively, protected against further corrosion using MetalGuard Ultra, ToolGuard VCI or ProtecTool Wax.

The Restore Pre-Clean is supplied in a 250ml bottle

Code Size Description Price
RPC/2 250ml Restore Pre-Clean £10.43




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