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ProtecTool - Wax

Shield Technology ProtecTool wax polish is a soft-paste wax designed specifically to protect steel and iron tools and machinery from corrosion. Unlike ordinary wax polishes, which, at best, can only offer barrier protection, ProtecTool contains a unique blend of powerful contact corrosion inhibitors suspended in the highly refined microcrystalline wax carrier.    
ProtecTool can be buffed to a sheen producing a low friction surface which eases the passage of wood over machine tables, and significantly reduces the effort required when hand planning.

ProtecTool can also be used to slow down the tarnishing of polished copper, brass and bronze items.      

ProtecTool does not contain silicone

ProtecTool wax polish has been used and widely recommended by a diverse range of tool and machinery users.

Suggested uses include the
•     Protection of woodworking machine tables, reducing friction and protecting hand planes
•     Protection of heirloom quality tools and display items
•     Protecting woodworking lathe beds from the corrosive effect of wood shavings and damp
•     Prevents finger marking of vulnerable surfaces
•     Protect brass and copperware from tarnishing
•     Protection of antique artefacts, including steel arms and armour

Not just for use in the workshop, but also for use around the workplace, office, home, museum, schools and lots more. Supplied in 100ml and 200ml plastic pots

Code Size Description Price
PTW/2 200ml ProtecTool - Wax £12.76
PTW/1 100ml ProtecTool - Wax £7.82




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Hi Dave! The package arrived today and now I can get strted with my new tools and finishing products. I will order again from You. Thanks for Your patienece and help with payment details. Regards Tatu.
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