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VERITAS® Beam Compass

Using a regular compass for small circles is OK, but for projects involving larger circles or arcs, then the VERITAS® Beam Compass is the ideal solution

Ordinary compasses just don't cut it in the shop; a beam compass (or trammel) is much more practical.

Using a single beam section, the Veritas® beam compass deals with circles from 1-1/2" to 24" in diameter. Additional sections take you up to 80" (203cm) for circular tables, rockers, arches, etc. It has carbide-tipped points that readily scribe metal as well as wood, although the pencil head is usually used for scribing wood. A micro-adjust feature quickly gives accurate settings.

The VERITAS® Beam Compass comes complete, neatly fitted in a wooden case that even includes a small brass centre pivot disc for use where it is important not to mar work. The beams are steel and the fittings are all solid brass.

Code Size Description Price
474583 1 ˝” to 80” VERITAS® Beam Compass £101.75




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