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Flexcut™ SK108 – 20 Piece and 4 Piece Carving Sets

The Flexcut™ Deluxe SK108 20-Piece Carving Set as been skillfully put together and housed in a neat wooden storage box, which shows the different profiles, sweeps of each chisel and consists of the following:

•     ABS Quick Connect Handle
•     Cutting Knife
•     Quick Connect Power Handle
•     Flexcut SlipStrop and Compound
•     16 Carving Tools
•     Wood Storage Box
•     Plus the DVD version of Relief Carving in A Different Light
•     SK108 Owners manual and tool guide

The SK 108 Flexcut™ Deluxe Starter Carving Set is probably the best selected and put together set of carving tools, all in one box that you can buy. This carving set as everything you need and with the added SlipStrop and compound and using the owners manual as a guide which is included well help you to keep all the chisels in tip top and sharp condition.

The Flexcut™ Deluxe SK108 20-Piece carving set as described and shown in the picture below, purchased as a set like this is excellent value for money

Code Size Description Price
702084 ------ Flexcut SK108 Starter 20 – Piece Carving Set £185.99
600073 ------ Flexcut 4 – Piece Carving Knife Set £82.99




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I found the item I wanted via the web at an American Supplier, I ordered it then a little later I came across The Turners Toolbox and found the same item, in fact it actually looks better, I managed to cancel the item and ordered it from you on Saturday night. I just git home from work on Sunday and checked my e-mail and you responded at 13.40 on the Sunday advising you would ship the item (The Sanding Ball) on Monday. What better service could anyone wish for. Mike
- Mike O'Connor