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Bevel Setter

This new Bevel Setter from Veritas® is a sliding bevel, which is an excellent tool for transferring angles but not for reading them. This bevel setter lets you set specific angles (from 0° to 60° in 1/2° increments) on a sliding bevel or a work-piece as well as read angles already set. Both functions are useful for dovetailing, for machine set-up, for polygon work, or for accurately fitting a piece in a restricted location. Common dovetail and polygon angles are highlighted on the reverse side.

The etched stainless-steel blade is 3" wide and 7" long. It is both easier to use and more accurate than a protractor in the same applications. (Veritas Sliding Bevel shown not included)

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202376 ------ Veritas - Bevel Setter £29.75




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