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Carvin’ Jack

The Flexcut Carvin’ Jack is the complete carving kit in your pocket and whether you are a new comer to woodcarving or an expert this is the one carving tool that will make an ideal addition to your tool box. If you are working from your home / workshop or even out and about, such as camping or fishing this multi-blade knife is ideal for keeping yourself busy carving or whittling that newly found timber. An excellent gift for yourself or the carver in your life   

The Carvin' Jack is an extremely innovative new tool which comes complete with its own Flexcut Sliptrop and Gold Polishing Compound. And includes a Detail Knife, Straight Gouge, Hook Knife, V-Scorp, Gouge Scorp and Chisel, plus handy leather carrying case with belt loop, and all the accessories you’ll need to keep a razor-sharp edge for perfect cuts

The six high-carbon steel blades are conveniently stored in the handle and securely lock in both the opened and closed positions. Each razor edge is pre-honed and sharpened. Includes the Flexcut Sliptrop and Flexcut Gold polishing compound and Leather carrying case has snap-close button and belt loop

The pictures below shows examples of use for carving with the Carvin’ Jack

1.     Gouge Scorp: Scorps, by their nature, are right-angled gouges. Their very short turning radius allows them to carve very narrow, deep recesses, similar to spoon gouges.
2.     V-Scorp: The V-Scorp’s sharp corners leave a clean line of demarcation between two adjacent surfaces, much the same as outlining with a pencil
3.     Chisel: This handy carpenter’s tool is great for setting a hinge, carving lettering or smoothing off hard-to-reach convex surfaces.
4.     Detail Knife: Its fine point can be used for detailing delicate areas or quickly removing wood from a convex surface as you would with any whittling knife
5.     Hook Knife: The hook knife is designed for carving in hollow areas where a straight blade can’t reach. It’s ideal for hollowing spoons or roughing out larger amounts of waste wood.
6.     Straight Gouge: Gouges are used for modelling surfaces or creating different textures. It can also be used for carving printmaking woodcuts

Code Size Description Price
474371 ------ Flexcut Left-Handed Carving Jack £128.25
352091 ------ Flexcut Right-Handed Carving Jack £128.25




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