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Snug-Plug Cutters – set of 3

It is always difficult to fit plugs perfectly; any slight run-out in your drill press quill can make the holes oversize. Unfortunately, this run-out will also make plugs undersize. The combination leads to ill fitting plugs that are very noticeable. The VERITAS® Snug Plug Cutters are designed to cut slightly tapered plugs; the first 1/8" of the plug is the stated size (1/4", 5/16", etc.) & then flares out at a 3 degree included angle. Unlike regular plug cutters, they also shave the plug sides for very smooth plugs. You just tap a plug into the hole until you meet resistance, then cut off the excess. You will then have a nearly invisible line between the plug & the work piece. These plug cutters are reamed after hardening to ensure perfect concentricity each with a 3/8" shanks.

Supplied in sets of 3, in both Imperial & Metric sizes

Set of 3 Imperial VERITAS® Snug-Plug Cutters – ¼” – 3/8” & ½”
Set of 3 Metric VERITAS® Snug-Plug Cutters – 6mm – 8mm & 10mm

Both sets are supplied blister packed with the card showing instructions on how to use the plug cutters and how to best care for and sharpen. Also a list of why VERITAS® Tapered Snug-Plug Cutters are the best

Code Size Description Price
510262 ¼” - 3/8” - ½” VERITAS® Snug-Plug Cutters – Set of 3 Imperial £37.95
510269 6mm - 8mm - 10mm VERITAS® Snug-Plug Cutters – Set of 3 Metric £38.95




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