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Chuck Insert

The Patriot woodturning Chuck Insert / Thread adaptor, allows the Patriot woodturning chuck to be fitted to almost every model of Lathe.    This is the ideal solution if you ever decide to upgrade, replace your lathe or acquire a second lathe with a different TPI / MT rather than having to purchase a complete new chuck all you need do is purchase the Chuck Insert / Thread adaptor to fit your new lathe.

If you are unsure of the TPI or MT of your lathe send the name make and or model of your lathe to our office via email (email address at bottom of this page) and the size of Chuck Insert / Thread adaptor or Morse Taper (MT) that your require will be sent to you by return email or telephone.

Code Size Description Price
Inst/1x8 1 x 8tpi Chuck Insert - 1 x 8tpi £19.45
Inst/1x12 1” x 12tpi Chuck Insert – 1” x 12tpi £19.45
Inst/ ¾x16 ¾” x 16tpi Chuck Insert – ¾” x 16tpi £19.45
Inst/20x1.5 20 x 1.5mm Chuck Insert – 20 x 1.5mm £19.45
Inst/252 25 x 2mm Chuck Insert – 25 x 2mm £19.45
Inst/16 7/8 Chuck Insert - 7/8" x 16 £19.45
Inst/10 3/4 Chuck Insert - 3/4" x 10 £19.45
Inst/12LH 7/8 Chuck Insert - 7/8" x 12 Left hand £19.45
Inst110 1 Chuck Insert - 1" x 10 £19.45
Inst/110LH 1 Chuck Insert - 1" x 10 Left hand £19.45
Inst1812 1.1/8 Chuck Insert - 1.1/8" x 12 £19.45
Inst/148 1.1/4 Chuck Insert - 1.1/4" x 8 £19.45
Inst/1825 18mm x 2.5 Chuck Insert - 18mm x 2.5 £19.45
Inst/2015 20mm x 1.5 Chuck Insert - 20mm x 1.5 £19.45
Inst/202 20mm x 2 Chuck Insert - 20mm x 2 £19.45
Inst/243 24mm x 3 Chuck Insert - 24mm x 3 £19.45
Inst/305 30mm x 1.5 Chuck Insert - 30mm x 1.5 £19.45
Inst/3305 30mm x 3.5 Chuck Insert - 30mm x 3.5 £19.45




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Many thanks David for donating all the pen making equipment, which I will deliver to the wood shed at Phoenix House run by Help 4 Heroes. This donation will enable the shed to help military veterans who have been injured both physically and mentally whilst serving their country. Many of these heroes have not interacted with others for many years. The wood shed tries to bring these guys and girls together and break through some of the barriers which stop this interaction. It will also enable many ot them to try turning for the first time. I know first hand what its like to find that one thing which helps turn lives around. Once again David from one veteran to another, Thank You, you may have just saved some lives. John Someone who found turning and it changed my life.
- John Grant