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Patriot Woodturning Chuck

The Robert Sorby Patriot Woodturning Chuck – Complete with the chuck insert thread adaptor or a direct thread       

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by the team at Robert Sorby the Patriot woodturning chuck and after carefully listening to the woodturner and his and hers requirements and what they want from the woodturning chuck.

This chuck features a smooth 1” (25mm) of movement in expansion and contraction, built-in-safety features including the unique silicon band. All jaws have an internal and external dovetail and extra gripper teeth. It is lightweight and compact but capable of coping with any project.

Together with an extensive range of optional jaws and accessories the Patriot chuck allows the woodturner to produce all of his or hers favourite projects.

The Patriot chuck comes complete and ready to use with following:

•     Safety band – This unique feature is made from silicon rubber and is designed to protect from any injury caused by accidental contact with the outer edge of the rotating chuck.
•     Rear cover – This is an aluminium back plate to ensure the main gearing of the Patriot chuck is kept dust free. Allowing easy access inside the chuck for maintenance and servicing.
•     2” (50mm) Jaws – Standard jaws fitted with internal and external dovetail. Gripper teeth for additional holding of awkward pieces of wood.
•     Wood screw – A very positive self-threading wood screw. The body has anti-rotation flats and a location recess to guarantee a positive hold in the chuck jaws.
•     Chuck key – Large moulded handle for a positive grip. Ball ended for easy access around large projects.
•     Hexagonal keys – The 4mm key is for use on the jaw screws. The 3mm key is for the insert retention screw.
•     Lathe spindle thread adaptor options – When purchasing a Patriot chuck you will require a lathe spindle thread adaptor which is available as a Chuck insert or Chuck exert. A range of inserts with internal threads to suit most woodturning lathes are available up to a spindle thread size of 1 ¼”. These are screwed in to the body of the chuck and held in place by the insert retention screw. Inserts can be interchanged when upgrading lathes. If your lathe is over 1 ¼” you have two options in either 1 ½” x 6 dual thread or M33 x 3.5mm thread. Please contact this office for more details.

So if in the future you need to upgrade and change your lathe and if the thread is of a different size to your old lathe, there is no need to have to spend all the money again needed to buy a new chuck, with the new Patriot chuck all you require, is to replace the thread adaptor/Chuck insert to suit the thread size of your new lathe. If you are unsure of the thread adaptor size requirements to suit your lathe, or if you require further information on this chuck and its many accessories, simply call or email office in Wales, the name, make or model of your lathe and we will get back to you with the size of insert / thread adaptor that you require for your lathe.

The Patriot Chuck is already at a discounted price and in addition to this the P&P for the Patriot Woodturning Chuck is delivered free of charge to a delivery address’s within the UK. The rest of the world our normal P&P charges apply

Code Size Description Price
RSPC No Chuck Insert / Exert PATRIOT Chuck With No Chuck Insert / Exert £150.45
RSPC/3 20 x 1.5mm PATRIOT Chuck + 20 x 1.5mm Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/12 1” x 12 PATRIOT Chuck + 1” x 12 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/2 25 x 2mm PATRIOT Chuck + 25 x 2mm Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/716 7/8” x 16 PATRIOT Chuck + 7/8” x 16 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/22 20 x 2mm PATRIOT Chuck + 20 x 2mm Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/10 3/4 PATRIOT Chuck + 3/4" x 10 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/8 1” x 8 PATRIOT Chuck + 1” x 8 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/110 1” x 10 PATRIOT Chuck + 1” x 10 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/12LH 7/8” x 12 Left Hand PATRIOT Chuck + 7/8” x 12 Left Hand Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/10LH 1” x 10 Left Hand PATRIOT Chuck + 1” x 10 Left Hand Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/1812 1.1/8 PATRIOT Chuck + 1.1/8" x 12 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/148 1.1/4 PATRIOT Chuck + 1.1/4" x 8 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/1825 18mm x 2.5 PATRIOT Chuck + 18mm x 2.5 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/2015 20mm x 1.5 PATRIOT Chuck + 20mm x 1.5 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/243 24mm x 3 PATRIOT Chuck + 24mm x 3 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/305 30mm x 1.5 PATRIOT Chuck + 30mm x 1.5 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC/3305 30mm x 3.5 PATRIOT Chuck + 30mm x 3.5 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC /156 3/4 PATRIOT Chuck + 3/4" x 16 Chuck Insert £150.45
RSPC /335 33 x 3.5 tpi PATRIOT Chuck + 33 x 3.5 Chuck Exert £170.00
RSPC /156 1.1/2 x 6 tpi PATRIOT Chuck + 1.1/2" x 6 Chuck Exert £170.00
RSPC/158 1.1/2 x 8 tpi PATRIOT Chuck + 1.1/2" x 8 Chuck Exert £170.00




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It was a pleasure to speak with you in Wales, a very friendly and knowledgeable service; I have passed on your website details to our woodturning club members in Christchurch New Zealand
- Mathew Williams