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Cotton Apron

Better known as the cabinet maker’s cotton apron, this is a one size fits all apron, made from durable heavy duty cotton, which is designed to protect the wearers clothing from dust, grease, paint, dirt and shavings. The neck band is of the same strong cotton as the apron, which will not chafe or irritate the wearer; even when worn for long periods, the waist band ties are extremely long and will accommodate even the more larger persons amongst us. If you are a woodturner, woodworker or any type of crafts person, we all like to keep those thingy bobs at hand and with the extra large pocket positioned centrally on the aprons front, this will accommodate everything from the turners woodturning stick, calipers, rules, pencils, squares and much more.

This Cabinet Makers Apron is generous in length reaching to well below the knees, extra long waist ties, large front pocket and the apron is fully machine washable.†††

Code Size Description Price
APL2/1 Full Length Cotton Apron £4.75




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