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ProEdge Plus System

The ProEdge by Robert Sorby represents the ultimate system for sharpening your woodturning/woodworking tools. Its unique design incorporates many years of experience in producing the keenest of edges accurately and efficiently

Benefits of using the ProEdge Sharpening System
•     Practically-When brought new it is practically ready to use straight out of the box, no assembly required. Just plug it in and sharpen your tools.
•     Repeatability-The unique angle setter ensures the same sharpening angle every time, thereby reducing the amount of tool steel removed.
•     Accuracy-All common sharpening and honing angles are easily achieved time after time with the index-able angle setter.
•     Versatility-Ideal for woodworking chisels, planes, carving and woodturning tools aswell as shears, lawn mower blades, knives, drills and router bits.
•     Compatibility-Owners of the Robert Sorby Deluxe Universal Sharpening System can use the finger nail profiling arm on the standard ProEdge system, a large economic saving.
•     Professional finish-The efficient abrasive belts reduce overheating and subsequent damage to your tools giving a clean and consistent finish.
•     Speed-The angle setter allows for quick selection of the desired angle, coupled with the simple to fit jigs. Sharpening your tools becomes a pleasure.
•     Low maintenance-Low cost, long lasting abrasive belts are the only component that needs replacing.
•     With the ProEdge you have a quick, clean, all-round tool sharpening system. Belts are a rapid and cool means of achieving a keen edge every time. They are simple to change and inexpensive to replace.
•     As you are working on the flat surface of a belt rather than the diameter of a wheel, the ProEdge gives you a flat grind every single time   

ProEdge System – (PE01A) comes complete with the following accessories:
•     Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Belt-120 – (PE120A)
•     Zirconium Abrasive Belt-60 – (PE60Z)

The ProEdge Plus System – (PED01A) comes complete with the following accessories: Making it a most versatile sharpening system
•     Skew Jig – (PESKEW)       
•     Fingernail Profiler Arm – (446/447UPG)
•     Standard Gouge Jig – (PEVB)
•     Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Belt-120 – (PE120A)
•     Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Belt-240 – (PE240A)
•     Zirconium Abrasive Belt-60 – (PE60Z)

Code Size Description Price
PED01A ------ ProEdge Plus Sharpening System £335.00
PE01A ------ ProEdge Sharpening System £271.55




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